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Intern Story

The summer of 2018, I had the chance to experience an amazing internship at MIGIZI. I did some exciting work for First Person Productions that I wouldn't have done without MIGIZI. I've always had interests in photography and film making before this internship and MIGIZI gave me the perfect opportunity to grow in my interests. I gained skills not only in photography and videography, but also creativity, team work and patience.

Additionally, MIGIZI allowed me to make great connections with some very creative people. My supervisor, John Gwinn, made my first day very welcoming, he is always motivating everyone in the work area, and he made sure I was succeeding. The First Person Productions Media Leader, Binesikwe Means, always gave me insights on how to improve and knew how to create a fun environment everyday at work. I also made two very good friendships with my coworkers that I still connect with today. Ultimately, the staff and my coworkers were genuinely supportive of myself.

During my internship at MIGIZI, I produced, directed, edited, and filmed a video called Go Green and Stay Clean. If interested, my video can be found on the MIGIZI website under programs and FPP. The video is about renewable, green energies on the campuses of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and Edison High School. While learning about media I also got to learn about environmental sustainability. I became passionate about environmental sustainability when I realized it is very important to my future, my generations future, and future generations that our health is being protected along with caring about Mother Earth.

In conclusion, MIGIZI gave me a place where I could grow and feel supported along the way. I gained many life skills. I created fun relationships with great people. I have a space where I can express myself creatively. Lastly, I have formed a passion that I never thought I would have. Without MIGIZI, I wouldn’t have gotten this experience and be where I am right now.

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