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You're Supposed to Be Ok Podcast

In the summer of 2022, our First Person Productions interns dipped into the world of podcasting. From the bottom up, our interns created the name, logo, audio clips, and social media campaign for their podcast."You're supposed to be ok" is something that many of our youth felt was told to them throughout the course of the pandemic. While parents and families were struggling to navigate the chaos of working from home, schooling their children, and navigating an immense amount of loss, our youth were also navigating a whole new world.

Comments like, "I wish I could go to school from my bed" made our youth feel like their unique experiences and struggles were not being recognized. This podcast was a way for our youth to be their own storytellers. From relationships with their teachers, friends and family, to the impact isolation and the 2020 uprisings had on their mental health — tune in every Wednesday to hear young people’s perspective on how life changed during the pandemic.

Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify now!

About the Logo

"Our logo represents how us as teens/young adults are feeling versus how we are/were told to feel, hence the title, "You're Supposed to Be Ok"

Episode 1: Family & Friends

Join interns, Franceska, Kija and Wakan as they talk about how the pandemic effected their relationship with their family and friends.

Episode 2: School

For this episode Cameron, Kaylin & Wade discuss how their relationship with school has changed since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

Episode 3: Isolation

In this episode Shawn & Shawntea will discuss how isolation impacted their mental health. They will also share a interview from a mental health professional

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You're Supposed to Be Ok was made possible by the City of Minneapolis. Phidamayaye —Chi Miigwech — Thank You to our partners!

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