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Indigenous Pathways

Are you  aged 16-24, either currently enrolled in school or wanting to get re-enrolled in a diploma or GED program? Looking for the next step in your journey for your academic and/or professional journey?

Indigenous Pathways brings to you professional development, income, and an opportunity to make a difference in your community. The next Indigenous Pathways cohort will start in early Fall.

Choose between First Person Productions (FPP), which is our social media marketing and media program, or Green Jobs Pathway (GJP), our program dedicated to sustainable, green energies. The experience consists of a combination of in-person workshop activities, online training via  Zoom, and additional online coursework via Google Classroom.

Earn up to $500 for completing this program! On top of that, completion of the training will result in an opportunity for a paid internship with a local organization. 


See further down for more information on FPP or GJP. 


Academic Support

Academic Support comes in a variety of forms.


At MIGIZI, we emphasize a strong foundation in providing progressive opportunities through education, leadership, and culture. Currently, you can partake in our virtual or in-person tutoring, Indigenous Pathways programs, and/or contact one of us to help you succeed in your academic journey!

We work primarily with students from the Minneapolis, St. Paul, Fridley, Hopkins, and Farmington school district but if you don't fall in any of these schools, please do not hesitate to reach us.


At MIGIZI, we are always available to ensure our students' success in better understanding academics, social and emotional well-being, and traditional cultural roots.

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