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Our School Partners

Our school partners help us to bring cultural, educational, and career-building resources to students and young adults. 

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Want to be a partner?

At MIGIZI, we are always looking for strong partners to help us tackle not just a state-wide issue but a national issue of increasing the graduation rates of our Native students. 

MIGIZI, organizationally, is a powerhouse of community partners and individuals looking to challenge the odds. Gathered, our experiences and cultural understanding of our community and roots allow us to create focused, targeted curriculum and processes to engage Native students unlike any other organization. We believe that the American school system is out-dated in many aspects and could be supplemented, and even improved, with cultural and contemporary practices to better engage our students, Native or not.


Specifically with our Native students however, we have seen decades of only small gradual increases to their graduation rates. We started to think about why this was so. How do we address this and more importantly, how do we make a difference for these young people to succeed academically as well as professionally while understanding one's own identity?

Below are examples of what a school partnership could look like.

Scheduling options (as capacity allows):

  • 1x a month

  • Bi-weekly

  • 1x a week  

Native Youth Served: 

  • 6th - 12th grade (Middle and High School) 

Cultural Programming/Activities and Education: 

  • Traditional and Contemporary Games and Toys played by Anishinaabe and Dakota

  • Team building games that boost team skills and development 

  • Mural Projects and Community Art

  • Making Dream Catchers and educating on uses and creation

  • Making tobacco pouches 

  • Education and practice on four sacred medicines to this region 

  • Education on Tipi/traditional dwellings engineering and staying warm in the winter

  • Horse Nation art and education activity 

  • Beading activity and education

  • Bringing in guest Speakers to teach traditional medicines, foods, etc. 

  • Drum and Dance Group performance

  • We Have Always Been Here. A look at Native people historical roots in the Americas

  • Dakota and Anishinaabe people of Minnesota

  • Anishinaabe Winter Storytelling

  • College Readiness (partnered with school counselors)

  • Discovering Native authors

  • Traditional maple sugar making

  • Native Tik Tok and other social media

  • Current news and information in Indian Country

Student Academic and Wellbeing Support: 

  • Individual Learning Plans

  • Check Ins

  • Talking Circles diving deep into identity 

Field Experiences: 

  • Dream of Wild Health (Native farm that promotes Indigenous foods; youth education programming)

  • Porky's SugarBush (traditional maple sugaring camp held in the spring)

  • Hoċokata Ti: Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Cultural Center

  • Mille Lacs Indian Museum and Trading Post (Minnesota Historical Society)

  • Native artists and art galleries

  • Sacred Sites tour (within the Twin Cities area)

  • College visits and college fair events

  • In addition, families will also have access to our out of school programming during MPS school release days and after school which consists of a variety of activities and events.

Family Engagement: 

  • Attend graduation stole presentations for seniors.

  • Collaborate at the beginning of the school year family engagement events.

  • Collaborate on end of year family engagement events.

  • Attend AIPAC meetings (in person and virtual).

  • Create an introduction letter to be shared with families.

  • Provide an ongoing list of events, activities, and pow wows in Minnesota to be shared with families and students.

To find out more about how we can partner or to inquire, please email MIGIZI's Deputy Director at

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