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Green Jobs Pathway


We do cool sustainable things here.

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Green Jobs Pathway originated with the idea of how we could better our world with basic needs such as energy. To better put it, how can create more sustainable, green energies and how can we normalize these practices within our communities in so that we give back to our land and our people responsibly?

Green Jobs Pathway is a movement of young Native people who learn, experience, and are challenged with the ins and outs that occurs within the renewable energy industry. Green Jobs Pathway is a STEM-focused program that allows our young people to have hands-on and real-world applications to taught skills, knowledge, and theories. We're learning things from harnessing the sun's power to charge your phone from understanding how heat and electricity is being used in your own home! Upon learning these skills, we make sure to then utilize what's been learned to benefit our community through partner organizations.

Are you interested in making a change in your community with renewable energies? Here are some things we could help you with:

  • Solar Panels

  • Mobile Solar Chargers

  • Electricity Wiring

  • Windmills

Email our Academic Internship Specialist, Tedi Grey Owl at for inquiries and partnership opportunities!

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