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How we Work

It’s alarming that over a time period of 4 years, only one demographic has had no increase of graduation rates in the state of Minnesota. Native Americans in high school are graduating at only 50.8% (MDE, March 5, 2020). This is 19.9% lower than the next ethnic group and with roughly 170,000 Native people in Minnesota, this is just unacceptable.

We at MIGIZI have been fighting these statistics for over 40 years.

We at MIGIZI have been fighting these statistics. We provide students in 5 school districts academic and cultural support, two training programs (FPP, GJP) that ensure a professional resume, and opportunities for participants to work with partnership organizations. 
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We believe all youth have a positive core, brilliance, boundless potential and sacred gifts to share. 

MIGIZI acts as a circle of support that nurtures the development of Native American youth in order to unleash their creativity and dreams – to benefit themselves, their families and community. MIGIZI puts youth first, supporting youth-driven activities that fully engage youth in a self-directed path to holistic wellness and to success in education and employment.  


Through the mutual support provided within the indigenous circle, individuals discover their talents and explore their dreams. The positive results fuel not only youth success but also collective impact, as youth give back to the circle and unleash new energy and ideas. In MIGIZI's circle, adults and youth work side-by-side in culturally grounded, participatory leadership and operations. Everyone is a leader, a learner, a coach and a relative.


At MIGIZI and with partner organizations, these relationships are nurtured by core values such as respect, humility, accountability, helping and getting out of one’s comfort zone. Guided by constant practice of core values, the circle becomes a positive climate for youth and adults to thrive individually as well as collectively. 

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