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End of Summer Recap/Celebration

We love a good celebration. More importantly, we love a good celebration in achievement of our young people for their committed summer's work.

First Persons Productions' summer was packed with social media training and community projects. They learned the fundamentals of Photoshop and were creating beautiful pieces of art in no time. With an instructor from MCTC, First Person Production participants received a social media certificate after weeks of learning theories, processes, and practical skills. First Person Productions was also asked by numerous local organizations this summer to help with digital projects. We're excited to see our finished FPP projects out in the community!

At Green Jobs, participants were involved in many processes in harnessing green, sustainable energy. Talking to a few participants, most of them excitedly retold about their favorite project being a solar-powered, mobile charging station from which they built from scratch! They gained numerous skills such as soldering, wiring, and understanding the science behind the energy on how it was being produced and how it is then utilized. Other participants spoke highly of their trip to southern Minnesota where they harvested local plants and vegetation where they brought their harvest back to create their own candy gummy. Regardless of favorite memory, we're ecstatic to see sustainable, environmentally friendly answers being launched by the leaders of tomorrow!

Jane and LeVi had a smaller than usual cohort due to COVID precautions but was gifted a more personal, intimate setting. Hi Prep dove into cultural and social well-being and explored the uniqueness that is placed in each one of us. They had the most guest presenters this summer and brought in different perspectives to challenge and grow the thinking of the group. And just as fun, the cohort was involved with many opportunities to learn from their own Native traditions as well as interacting with foreign ones. It's an immersive experience that allows participants to cross-culturally analyze their own world and the world around them!

And at the end of it all, all cohorts came together for one big celebration. We arrived at Camp Tanadoona and was grateful to be the first group to experience their new facilities! Their amazing, enthusiastic camp leaders brought in energy to our youth and first opened up with a nature walk around the quiet wooded areas. It was a warm, sunny day so hiking was bliss! Our meals was then served from our lunch summer program providers, Hy-Vee, to which we are gracious to have received at no cost.

Afterwards, our cohorts got together in one of the halls and showcased the work they've done to our Camp Tanadoona hosts. How excited they were to share the diligent work they've put in! Cohort leaders then handed out certificates of completion for the summer. It was a powerful moment as participants received not just a piece of paper, but a physical representation of how much they have achieved. Well deserved!

And finally, we all got together to play kickball and kicked the summer away to end it all!

From left to right, Green Jobs Pathway, Hi Prep, and First Persons Productions.

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I am a Black Cherokee, I am disabled, I use a power wheelchair andother health problems. I am 65 and live in Apple Valley, MN with my life partner Linda Radtke who is Filipina very dark skinned, blind uses a guide dog, 51 living with me in Apple Valley. We use Metro Mobility. I do loom work. We are looking for volunteer work with other elders to help Native youth. My grandson Jadin Archie is in your program. Can someone contact us if there are programs we could be of help with? 612-398-5957 our cell. Thanks

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