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Education, Leadership & Culture

What We're Doing to Engage Our Youth During COVID-19

We believe in the limitless potential and importance of our youth.
At MIGIZI, we emphasize a strong foundation in providing progressive opportunities through education, leadership, and culture.
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Building relationships and connections is what we strive to do, quarantined or not! We at MIGIZI push forward with opportunities to foster our local community.

Dialogue with us on what's happening during your life and engage in online activities! We have numerous discussion points, ideas, and relational topics.



Being at home makes it tough to learn everything you're learning from school...  which is also at home now.


So, we're bringing tutoring to you! We're providing free, virtual tutoring in partnership with the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Summer Institute to help you excel in your academics!

To learn more or to sign up, press the button below.


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We're engaging youth culturally in a way that drives life skills, passion, and curiosity. 

In partnership with local schools and districts, we are passionate as an organization and community to be talking with those in leadership and bringing about change to how we address how to engage our students in a more culturally proactive way.

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