At MIGIZI, staff and partners address youth success economically, educationally, socially, and culturally. 

Green Jobs Pathway

Green Jobs Pathway (GJP) provides communities with sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. We equip young people with the tools (literally!) and knowledge to properly work within the green sector. Here, they are exposed to numerous professional career experiences with alternative means of energy and construction work and are given a head start to their career!

First Person Productions

First Person Productions (FPP) strives to educate youth on new and innovative media practices that is used to build local communities. FPP carries on the passion of journalism from the humble beginning of MIGIZI and continues to serve as a voice for those who have no voice within our community.

Education, Leadership & Culture

Within Education, Leadership, and Culture, we have programs such as Sacred Visions, Native Academy, and our Academic Support program that focuses on integrating cultural practices with academic studies that allows for a relatable and engaging time of learning. Most of our school-focused programs are here!

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MIGIZI Communications advances a message of success, well-being and justice for the American Indian community.

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