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Wanna Wota

The purpose of Wanna Wota (Lets Eat in Lakota) is to investigate, document and share information concerning the revitalization of traditional food systems among the tribes of Minnesota and upper midwest. The series of video webisodes includes writers, chefs and activists from the community who are working to preserve traditional foods and lifestyles as well as introducing more urban agriculture and sustainability to the urban Native community. 

Here in the Twin Cities, several programs exist to improve food literacy, food justice, increase physical activity and healthy food access. create Indigenous gardens, give cooking classes, host diabetes prevention programs and other such initiatives targeting both youth and adults. Some of these programs are:

Dream of Wild Health, the Indigenous Food Network, University of MN 4-H Extension Services, The Sioux Chef, Tamales y Bicicletas, among others

Tea and Drinks

Come sit down and have a quick tea break with us. Learn more about the daily teas you hear about everyday!


Hear about the awesome activities American Indian Community Housing (AICHO) is doing in Duluth, MN.

Could you believe North America use to be the home of 60 million bison? Learn about the importance of bison and what makes the bison such an impactful beast!

Chopped Challenge

Here we have a fun challenge where our FPP interns are testing out their creativity with various fruits and berries!

Medicine Garden
Fruits and Berries

Find out more about University of Minnesota's Native American medicine garden and what it means to be a good steward of our food systems. 

Fruits and Berries were integral in the Native American food system. Explore the history of fruits and berries in Minnesota here! 

Francois Medion
Food Sovereignty

Hear from Francois Medion, a farm manager in Duluth, MN, about the significance and importance of food and about the great things he is involved in within his programs.

What is food sovereignty? Find out here from a Native perspective with Hope Flanagan of Dream of Wild Health.

AICHO Youth Garden
Yogurt Parfait

Dive into what AICHO does and how they impact their community and people!

We go step-by-step in this video to bring to you a delicious tasting parfait.

Indigenous Food Tasting

Wonder what it'd be like to taste authentic indigenous foods? Well, we can't feed you right now but here's an idea of what you're missing out on as presented from the Minneapolis American Indian Center's indigenous food testing event!

Funding provided by First Nations Development Institute 

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