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On May 29th, 2020, we watched our building burn.

On May 30th, 2020, we watched our community band together, clean out our fallen building, and donate more than we could ever imagine.


So far, we've reached over $2.5 million in donations after the fall of our building that will be used for our urban Native youth. We are so grateful for the dedication and passion our MIGIZI circle (thats you!) have in nurturing and developing our Native youth and the communities they are involved in! You are directly creating a change to our community through your support.

8 months after the fall of our building, we bought our new home at 1845 E. Lake St. Minneapolis, in mid-January, 2021. This building has good structure but has a lot of work to do! Since January, our young people, staff, and community members have been working together to envision what this new space will look and feel like. After months of solidifying our vision and dreams of what this space will be, we're finally taking off to make it a reality. 

Reality has a cost of $5,544,343. 

We're reaching out to our wonderful and gracious community to band together with us once again to make this new urban space a home that our young people can feel safe, learn and understand more about their cultural identity, work in emerging industries in media and sustainable energy, and defy the absurd graduation rates of 50.2%.


Our New Home

Walk with us...

We are greeted by the smell of herbs and sage. There is artwork on the wall as you walk in you see our signature. The students work is celebrated, alive, and plentiful. This is a place of creation, creativity, and recharge, a place for nourishment of the soul and earth. There is a technology room to share Native American languages and dialogue. Stories are made and captured here through podcasts and video.

We can see sustainability happening, water captured from the roof feeds the food that is grown on site and is part of the care of the earth and sustenance of the body. Photo-voltaic panels are built in the workshop and stand on the roof to generate the energy we use. Community members are welcomed to teach their skills and specialities to each other.

MIGIZI is a place to foster life-time connections: socially, spiritually, and as a community.

Design Principles

Culturally Inspired Sparks Curiosity Values Innovation Represents Community Honors the Earth

Along with our young people leading the vision for what this space will be, we are bringing to our community a building that will represent the values of the next generation of leaders.

Top of MIGIZI Building
Blueprint MIGIZI Building 2nd Level
Blueprint MIGIZI Building inside
3D Renditions of Inside Building

Your Impact

With each dollar that is contributed to MIGIZI, our new home will be that much closer to completion. 

We need $5.5 million in support.

We know the work we do is crucial in the hundreds of students and young people that we serve every year. That is why we at MIGIZI have been working as timely and vigorously to ensure a space where our young leaders have access to much needed resources such as academic support, professional career opportunities, and cultural and community teachings.

Our new space is projected to open in
late Summer of 2023.

The initial $2.5 million raised when the tragedy of our building occurred allowed for us to purchase our building and to start developing a plan to create an urban center unlike any other. We are excited to be bringing a space that honors our earth, our community, and our future leaders.

Help us reach $5.5 million by Summer 2023 by donating to the leaders of our communities!

You are a part of MIGIZI and the impact that we have on our young leaders! With your donation today, you will be helping us integrate into our building exciting features such as a sustainable energy workshop and technology media lab that will host podcasts and videography! So come along with us and let us say, #riseMIGIZI!

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