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Summer Teacher

MIGIZI Communications is looking for up to two teachers in one or both the following content areas: Social Studies, Ethnic Studies, Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physical Science), Art, andHealth, and Language Arts to co-create and deliver summer accelerated learning opportunities (credit recovery).

Summary of the position

Provide leadership design and delivery of respective subject(s) aligned curriculum and assessments for accelerated academic studies opportunities for High School students in collaboration with MIGIZI Communications. MIGIZI Communication is a non-profit organization serving Indigenous youth in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the greater Twin Cities area.

This position will be responsible for:

·       Curriculum design, instruction, assessment, content integration and in collaboration with MIGIZI Communications Academic Support Staff

·       Identifying and co-leading development of standards-aligned curriculum and assessments for accelerated academic studies opportunities for High School students in respective subject(s)

·       Meeting with MIGIZI Academic Support staff focused on culturally sustaining curriculum and pedagogy in respective subject areas.


·       Current 9-12 teaching license in respective subject(s): Social Studies, Ethnic Studies, Science (all except Physics), Art, Math, Language Arts, or Health/PE

·       Leadership experience in designing curriculum, instruction, and/or assessments

·       A minimum of three years of classroom teaching experience with evidence of culturally responsive pedagogy, teaching culturally, linguistically, and ethnically diverse students

·       Leadership experience in designing accelerated academic studies opportunities

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

·       A passion for student achievement, educational equity, racial equity, and culturally responsive practices

·       A passion for working in community settings with public school partners

·       General knowledge of American Indian values and cultural practices

·       General knowledge and familiarity with Minneapolis / St. Paul Indian communities

·       Capacity to develop, articulate, and carry through a vision for 9-12 accelerated learning opportunities.

·       Demonstrated commitment to increasing representation of students’ cultures in instructional materials and incorporating culturally relevant teaching strategies

·       A demonstrated conviction that all students can and will achieve at high levels

·       Knowledge of research and best practices in respective subject(s) instruction, including culturally relevant and sustaining pedagogy, and social emotional learning

·       Knowledge of the K-12 MN respective subject(s) Standards, including the K-12 MN ELA Standards, Literacy Standards in Math, Science, and the Technical Subjects

·       Demonstrates courteous and culturally responsive behavior when interacting with students, community partners; acts in a manner that promotes harmonious and effective workplace environment

·       Ability to work collaboratively and creatively with colleagues and community partners

·       Knowledge of and an ability to utilize a variety of current technological tools and student data platforms for communication, planning, and documentation

·       Ability to synthesize ideas, communicate clearly and succinctly, and design strategies for communicating effectively with internal and external audiences.

·       Demonstrated leadership and a proven track record of literacy integration within respective subject(s)

·       Skilled building relationships outside of schools with content experts, non-profits, community groups, and other allies in our work

Position Functions, Duties, Responsibilities:

·     Co-create and deliver respective subject(s) instruction for students enrolled in credit recovery with the local school district. (10 Seat Hours of Instruction over the course of 1-2 weeks during the summer.)

·       Respective Subject(s) instructional practices and assessments with the Minnesota academic standards.

·       Lead process of creating/adopting culturally relevant instructional materials which support standards-based teaching and learning and integration of literacy and content. Teacher will work with MIGIZI Academic Support staff to integrate instruction into MIGIZI's summer programming.

·       Assume other duties and responsibilities as assigned

Please send a resume and a cover letter to

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