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Teen Tech Center Coordinator



MIGIZI provides a strong circle of support that nurtures the educational, social, economic, and
cultural development of American Indian youth. For over 45 years, MIGIZI has served American
Indian youth in various innovative programs that are culturally grounded, participatory, and fully
engage youth in a self-directed path to holistic wellness and success in education and


About Best Buy Teen Tech Center

Best Buy Teen Tech Centers provide tech access, training and mentorship to young people in
local communities. MIGIZI is seeking a Teen Tech Center Coordinator who will be tasked with
the creation, planning, and implementation of tech media education and mentorship, while
building the confidence participants will need to be successful in school and in their future


Job Description
The Teen Tech Center Coordinator will be tasked with the creation, planning, and
implementation of tech media education and mentorship, while building the confidence
participants will need to be successful in school and in their future careers. This position will be
responsible for supporting the technical and artistic aspects of media and video production, with
a focus on educational and career support activities. The coordinator will work alongside
MIGIZI’s Lead Media Instructor to support the healthy development of American Indian youth
and ensure the accomplishment of goals, objectives, and outcomes as required through
hands-on activities exploring student interests through project-based learning. The Coordinator
will support the Lead Media Instructor in ensuring youth are designing, music, art, graphics,
podcasts and other media forms and completing individual and group projects.

Reports To
This position reports directly to the Lead Media Instructor, under the supervision of the Deputy
Director and MIGIZI’s President.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities
● Coordinate weekly youth tech media project activities, and special training opportunities
on a case-by-case basis

● Recruit, train and support volunteers to support Teen Tech Center media programming,
including business, marketing, and media consultants and trainers
● Provide community outreach to support the Teen Tech Center program
● Develop trainings to meet the developmental needs of participants
● Coordinate specialized training for social enterprise development, marketing, and
● Provide a fun, interactive learning space where teens explore technology and media to
discover new interests, collaborate with one another, and prepare for the future
● Communicate as required with families of youth served
● Collaborate with other organizational and project staff to plan and implement activities
and ensure the maximum benefits for youth
● Provide basic computer maintenance and support to teens and community members
using the Teen Tech Center
● Participate in annual work plan to meet strategic goals and objectives
● Provide administrative support for the Clubhouse program, including keeping records of
participants and keeping the Tech Center space organized.
● Actively supervise youth equipment use
● Assist with maintaining timely and accurate program records in the organizational
database, Salesforce and contribute to the preparation of project reports including data
tracking and story gathering
● Maintain, manage, and track tech Teen Tech Center equipment to ensure program and
software efficiency and equipment is operational
● Schedule and facilitate weekly meetings of the media team
● Network within institutions and systems to strengthen relationships and opportunities to
promote media
● Additional duties as assigned by supervisor
● Assist "parent" organization in fund-raising and publicity for the Best Buy Tech Center,
communicating the Clubhouse learning philosophy, goals, and results to external
● Participate in The Clubhouse Network, attending Network meetings, sharing ideas and
issues, and supporting collaborative projects across sites
● Leverage Best Buy National Partner relationships to expose members to skill
development and media training

Required Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities
● Ability to contribute to a cooperative, collaborative, and flexible work team environment
● Model positive behaviors to youth and staff
● Proven ability to actively engage youth and their families/guardians in the creation and
pursuit of education and career goals
● Minimum three years of experience planning, coordination, and successful
implementation of educational and support activities with American Indian youth
● Knowledge of American Indian values and cultural practices

● Knowledge of and familiarity with Minneapolis/St. Paul Indian communities
● Background and ability to work with youth in a variety of settings and on a variety of
● Knowledge of basic tech education equipment and hardware (Computers, Camera,
Tripod, External Microphone, Lightening Kit, Gimbal)
● Knowledge of tech education and media software (Adobe Suite, Adobe Premiere Pro)
● Computer skills (Google Suite, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
● Ability to maintain confidentiality of required information
● Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required
● Good driving record and ability to transport youth with an organizational vehicle.
● Submit to a criminal background check as a prerequisite
● Creative thinker

Work Environment
The Teen Tech Center Coordinator works primarily in MIGIZI office settings or in a field
environment with youth programming. A great deal of time may be spent standing and walking.
This is a salaried position that requires the ability to lift 50 lbs. The average work week is
Monday – Friday, average 40-hour work week, which can include evenings and weekends.

Salary Range is $43,000 - $47,000/year. Benefits include health, dental, life, short- and
long-term disability insurance, and a 401(k) match up to 2% of salary. Paid time off starting at
22 days and 10 holidays. MIGIZI Communications is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Application Process
Please email applications to Abby Paulsen, Development & Operations Manager, at with the subject line “Teen Tech Coordinator”
Applications should be submitted in a PDF or Word file and include a cover letter detailing why
your background and experience are a good fit for the position along with a detailed resume and
two professional references that include an email address and phone number

All applications are due by May 10th, 2023

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