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Green Jobs Pathway and COVID-19

Shelter in place has pushed MIGIZI to create new ways to deliver programming

Green Jobs Pathway (GJP), MIGIZI’s green energy training program for American Indian youth, 14 to 24, has taken and remodeled its approach to training interns. With work normally done in MIGIZI's workshop, interns now set up a small workshop in their garages, porches, and living rooms. Brian Dragonfly, GJP Instructor, has developed a curriculum that utilizes hands-on methods and online solutions.

Sampling from GJP Kit 1: Kill A Watt meter, safety glasses, hand tools, glue gun, thermometer, tipi model construction kit, face masks, hand sanitizer, and more.

Creating a hybrid classroom started with reviewing the curriculum and developing training modules that interns can complete on their own, with direction from Brian, and with help from their fellow interns. Instructional kits were made to contain the tools, supplies, and equipment needed to complete the hands-on work. Google Classroom houses the assignments. And Zoom is the daily meeting platform. The interns’ first kit includes basic tools such as a glue gun, screwdriver, utility knife, a tipi kit, a wigwam kit, safety glasses, Kill A Watt meter, general school supplies, and personal protection (face masks, vinyl gloves, hand sanitizer, and hand soap). The GJP interns are ready to begin their first week of training with learning safety practices at work (even when work is at home), how to construct a tipi night light and wigwam model while understanding how heating and ventilation works in traditional housing, basic circuitry, home energy audit study, and certification in OSHA-10 work safety training.

One drawback has been ordering and waiting for equipment and supplies to be delivered. The training timeframe had to be modified around delivery dates. Nevertheless, the first kits were packed and delivered to the interns’ homes before the start date of Monday, April 27th. The interns joined Brian in the daily online meeting on Monday and began their pathways toward their futures.

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