Summer Media Institute Videos 2016 - Nov. 1, 2016

For 8 weeks, 12 American Indian high school students worked with media instructors John Gwinn and Tiana LaPointe, as well as special facilitator Bobby Wilson. They learned the basics of media instruction and discussed topic ideas for their projects, based on their own concerns and experiences. They reviewed different film styles, learned about camera operation, sound, lighting and editing. They also built their skills in project planning, interviewing, scheduling, and contacting people.

For the first few weeks, they produced several video shorts with themes such as “Mocumentary”, “Trailer”, “Sound Story”, “Interviews” and “Lost and Found”. This year, with funding provided by Vision Maker Media, their final projects focused on the 2016 Election. Students broke up into three groups and produced three videos about election year themes such as police community relations and income inequality. They also produced a short documentary about the Summer Media Institute itself and conducted some interviews with community leaders about the importance of voting.

Visit Vision Maker Media's YouTube page and check out our students' work!

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