Our Programs Are Recruiting Students - Feb. 15, 2017

MIGIZI Green Jobs Pathway

Are You Ready?

MIGIZI Communications wants to work with you toward your future in a Green Jobs career! You will be involved in creating renewable energy projects and learning about the environment through an indigenous lens...

What is it?

  • A 9-week Indigenous Stewardship Institute;
  • A paid internship;
  • Support in your first year of your certificate or degree program
Contact GJP Program Staff today!

(612) 721-6631

John Hunter, Project Coordinator, jhunter@migizi.org,

Valerie Larsen, Community Resource Specialist, vlarsen@migizi.org

Your Pathway to Becoming Financially Independent

Native Youth Futures

Financially Independent Project

If you are interested, eligible and choose to participate in the program, you will $AVE part of your earned income for post-secondary education. NYFI will match those savings 8:1 to multiply funds available for your education, turning your savings of up to $250 into $2,250 for your education!

In order to participate in this program:

Participants must already be working or be available to work a part-time paid internship during the school year or summer.

Households must meet income guidelines and share proof of income information with project staff in order to qualify.

What We Provide
  • A way to save earnings for college in an Individual Development Account, which will be matched 8:1 through program funds;
  • Financial skills training, mentorship, career coaching, Twenty-First Century Skills development opportunities, field trips, and more!
Contact NYF Program Staff, Today!

John Gwinn, Project Director, jgwinn@migizi.org,

LeVi Boucher, 21st Century and Financial Skills Trainer, levi@migizi.org

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