Other Projects

Native American Economic and Cultural Corridor

The American Indian Cultural and Economic Corridor Project’s goal is to increase the Minneapolis American Indian community’s capacity to seize 21st century entrepreneurial opportunities through the development of an American Indian cultural and economic corridor. The project is designed to present permanent and sustainable solutions to the intergenerational poverty and lack of economic opportunity that have plagued the Minneapolis Indian community since its formation in the 1950’s. The Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI) is our main partner in this project. NACDI is an intermediary community development organization configured as an alliance of the major Indian nonprofits, several Indian businesses, postsecondary institutions, and Hennepin County founded in 2006. It is the first organization of its kind in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area. NACDI’s mission is to partner with the American Indian community to build and execute 21st century community development strategies and its purpose is to develop a new community infrastructure that will build community capacity and assets within high growth economic sectors including Land and Housing, Technology and Media, and Health and Wellness.

Fox American Indian Summer Institute
In order to increase the talent pool of those most severely under-represented at FOX (and the industry throughout), Fox Diversity Development designed this residential immersion program (the first of its kind) in 2002 and partnered with UCLA in its launch in that same year. Topics include broad entertainment exposure with the emphasis on production process from story concept to final image onscreen. Activities also include site visits, workshops led by industry professionals including but not limited to FOX employees. In 5 Years, 110 American Indian youth have participated from 18 tribes across the United States including Alaska and Canada.

MIGIZI is part of a larger national network of Native media organizations, the Native Media and Telecommunications Network. The Network focuses on telecommunications training and content development from a Native perspective and MIGIZI has been asked by the network to replicate its new media pathway training project with other cities having large Indian populations including Los Angeles, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Seattle, WA; Lincoln, NE; and Oklahoma City, OK.

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