FPP Media Team

First Person Productions 2017

MIGIZI is launching a social entrepreneurship project that works with youth to develop media making skills as well as employment readiness skills. The youth work as paid media artists, utilizing the technology skills they've acquired in service to the community including PSA's, short films and documentaries on issues of importance to the community and assisting community non-profits and businesses with promotional videos. The youth will meet with small business professionals and marketing consultants to further develop the Social Enterprise model and build their own brand.

We are a youth lead production company who are working towards building youth up towards their desired future careers in the media industry. We hope to help teach young people about video production and the traits that come with this profession. We aim to be a local company who people can turn to for projects they wish to have made, but with a fresh touch. First Person Productions is a company by MIGIZI. Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have or for your business' video/media production needs.

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