Minnesota Wisconsin Community Learning Exchange
OCTOBER 2009 Education Equity in Urban and Rural Places. Kellogg Leadership for Community Change (KLCC).

Memorandum of Agreement
The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the Metropolitan Urban Indian Directors (MUID) and the Minneapolis Public Schools represents a new day for American Indian students and their families. Its development, signing, and implementation are all part of a much larger process in which the American Indian community and the Minneapolis Public School system are beginning to have intentional, authentic and ongoing dialogue about the educational outcomes of our American Indian youth.

MOA Overview
The MOA Overview is a visual summary of the major components for the Agreement.

MPS Data on Student Performance
This presentation is an overview of American Indian trends through 2008, in areas ranging from Early Learning Assessments and Behavioral Indicators to College Readiness and Student Perceptions.

AIM History
A Brief History of the American Indian Movement compiled by Laura Waterman Wittstock and Elaine J. Salinas including a narrative history and a timeline of major events from 1968 through 2006.


Phillips Indian Educators
Minneapolis Public Schools Indian Education
American Indian Resource and Referral Database
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet

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